Write in Words of Fire

I need inspiration. I love my NaNo story and I know exactly where it's going, but I just don't seem capable of moving at the speed I've moved in previous years. My concentration is nonexistent at the moment with far too much going on.

I will write in words of fire.
I will write them on your skin.
I will write about desire.
Write beginnings, write of sin.
You're the book I love the best,
your skin only holds my truth,
you will be a palimpsest
lines of age rewriting youth.
You will not burn upon the pyre.
Or be buried on the shelf.
You're my letter to desire:
And you'll never read yourself.
I will trace each word and comma
As the final dusk descends,
You're my tale of dreams and drama,
Let us find out how it ends.
    ~ Neil Gaiman
words of fire

October Poem

Crisp autumn morning
Sun burning off fog in onion skin layers
Hands wrapped around steaming mug of caffeine
Chunky sweater contrasting with the chill on my face
Waving to the Precious on the yellow bus
Marching back home to the call of a drum majorette
  that I haven't heard in 23 years

Somebody pinch me...

... because I just realized that this is possible for me:

Star Trek Con - Vegas - Aug. 11
Stargate Con - Chicago - Aug. 17 or 18

Am I insane for hitting two different fan conventions in two time zones in six days? I haven't been to a fan convention since 1994!
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Bahama Yellow Series

Title: Bahama Yellow
Rating: G
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
Timeline/Spoilers: Vaguely sometime after season 1
Word Count: 1,795
Disclaimer: Not mine, etc.
Summary: John drags Rodney to a specialty museum while they're Earthside.

    Title: Giddy Up GTX
    Rating: T
    Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
    Pairing: McKay/Sheppard
    Timeline/Spoilers: Vaguely sometime after season 1
    Word Count: 1,053
    Disclaimer: Not mine, etc.
    Summary: Rodney surprises John with his dream car.
    A/N: Continuation of Bahama Yellow. It occurred to me that I left folks hanging with the last story, so here's an ending for you all!
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    Making Up Is Hard To Do

    Title: Making Up Is Hard To Do
    Rating: G
    Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
    Timeline/Spoilers: Set immediately after the events of "The Return 2" S3E11
    Word Count: 599
    Disclaimer: One shot, not mine, etc.

    Atlantis tries to apologize to John after falling all over Helia and her crew.
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    Title: Misery
    Rating: G
    Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
    Timeline/Spoilers: Set immediately after the events of "Intruder" S2E2
    Pairing(s): John Sheppard/Other Female Character
    Word Count: 377
    AN: Part of my ongoing Daedalus Found/Daedalus Lost series.
    Disclaimer: Not mine, etc.

    John tried to lie still in his sickbay bed, eyes sealed shut against the harsh lights of the Daedalus sickbay, silently wishing over and over to sink into blissful oblivion. At least the anti-nausea cocktail Beckett had given him worked. He'd stopped puking his guts up maybe an hour ago. But the promised drowsiness still hadn't come, leaving John a shivering, headachy, itchy lump of human misery. Radiation poisoning totally sucked.

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    Character Names

    With perfect timing, this morning I found an article about picking character names in my news feed.

    I have two characters whose first names both start with D, and it's started driving me crazy. When I first began working on this story, all my characters had plain names, like John and Anne. Over time I've landed on alternative names that seem to say something about their character, but I'm still struggling with one of them. Here's my list of main and supporting characters (folks with enough page-time to warrant a character sketch of some kind):

      * Jake Browning
      * Andrea (Andie) Whitaker
      * Daniel (Danny) McCollum
      * Loretta (Lore) Adamson
      * David Howard

    The names of the first four have settled very nicely into my story brain. They seem to fit the characters. But I'm stuck on David. I like Howard for his last name, but the only other first name that's really struck a chord in my brain is Louis, and I've already got an "L" in my cast. Here are some of his character traits:

      * Comedian
      * Geek at heart, but cultivating a suave tech-savvy image instead
      * White, balding, late 30s
      * Outgoing, friends with everyone but personal life is a mess
      * Urbanite/hates the country
      * Creative in manic spurts
      * May have been raised Jewish, but not practicing now

    If anyone has suggestions for names, I'd be much obliged!
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